As we enter a special holiday of thankfulness do this simple thing…


Be thankful for the life you live, even if it’s not always easy.

Be thankful for the food you eat, even if you don’t always get things you like.

Be thankful for the clothes you wear, even if they aren’t the “latest and greatest.”

Be thankful for the family that surrounds you, may they be blood related or close enough.

No matter the trials that this life brings, a little thankfulness goes a long way.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello…. Fall!

We are FALLING in love with books in the CMS Media Center.

Our book clubs are under way

Mondays are for Gracelings

Wednesday for Counting by 7’s

Thursdays mean Fire

In other news….

OVER 175 NEW BOOKS have been added, with more in the way!

Swing by the library to check them out!